Hiya! I’m Jono Saye: an advertising Creative Director and the face behind Saye What! I’m an award-winning copywriter who has worked in the big wide world of ads for a decade, but I’ve also spent nearly as much time animating, video editing, recording voiceovers, and appearing on camera. Today, I’m the Creative Director of a specialized agency in the Greater Vancouver Area called Site Partners, while also scratching my own entrepreneurial and creative itches as a freelancing friend to whoever needs my help. Real caped-crusader business stuff, ya know?

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Brands I've Worked On

I've had the pleasure of working with a lot of great names.

Friends I've Worked With

Whether they're freelancers or agencies, I've worked for or with some talented folks.

Site Partners

Marketing Agency

Specializing in marketing for the industrial sector, Site Partners is leading the way in branding and advertising for industrial companies.

Ambr Digital

Web Design & Development

Provider of fantastic web design and development that rocks socks all over the web.


Design & Art Direction

A seasoned designer with a real edge and uniquely raw style.

Spring Advertising

Ad Agency

A super creative powerhouse that's equally agile as it is innovative.


Ad Agency

I've worked at this top Canadian agency full-time and as a freelancer for many reasons. Most importantly, because it's fun.

Aimée Grimes

Senior Designer/Art Director & Illustrator

A designer/art director/illustrator who makes stuff look amazing and loves dogs too!