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Why use a voice or on camera actor?

I often find my clients need a little extra help getting their message across, or sometimes people will need a tall, auburn-haired dude to be on camera. If that's the case, I have over 10 years of experience reading scripts and being told what to say into really expensive cameras.

Tell me what to saye

My acting background is mostly in comedy, but I also come from a family of people who've worked behind the microphone. And now I do both for work. I've been the voice of FireSmart BC, the guy who sells jet skis on the radio in Saskatoon, or a squirrel who fell in love with Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. And, I'm always helping clients find their voice with mine—or my face too. I like to think I have a face not for radio.

How I get 'er done.

My process is simple. Check out my past work. Contact me. And I'll work out a schedule to either show up for a shoot, or simply record a VO from my studio or any other studio for that matter. Just tell me where to be, point me in the direction of the camera, and I'll see you at the Academy Awards.

Want me to do a voice over or act on camera for you?

Magnificent! Let's talk.

say hey