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Why work with a video editor?

Simple. It's hard to do. It takes instinct, tact, and a lot of time sitting in a chair sorting through footage, choosing the best shots, working out the perfect timing of cuts. It's complicated. And a video editor, like myself, can take a whole lot of hours of footage and make it all make sense for you and tell a perfectly woven visual story.

Video is everything

In case you haven't noticed, video is everywhere. That's why I offer all kinds of videos: advertising short form, long form documentary-style interviews, or just good old-fashioned entertaining videos with a fun, heartfelt, or whatever message. In short, whether it's long or short form, I can do it all.

How I get 'er done.

Like everything else I do, I try start with a discovery call to figure out the details of the project. What footage am I working with, do we need to plan a shoot, do you have a script or need one expertly crafted. Once we establish what we're working with, then we can go into pre-production (script-writing/storyboarding), production (shooting), and finally post-production (video editing)—where my magic happens. From there, I piece together a first cut, then refine cuts from there, resulting in exactly what you were expecting and more.

Want me to edit a video for you?

Cool! Let's chat.

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