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Why work with an animator?

When you want to up your video production to the next level, it's amazing how much animation can zhuzh up your game. Whether you need intros, logos, lower thirds, or a whole whopping video of moving parts, that's when you call this guy.

Set your brand in motion

I offer 2D (even some 3D) animation for pretty much any kind of project, big or small. Instagram stories or reels? I do that. Video graphics and animated logos? What do you know, I do that too. Full animated videos with concepting, storyboarding, artwork, and animation? I think you get it. I do all that and more.

How I get 'er done.

Like I said, I do it all, including the whole process behind animating. I can do quick work using existing artwork and animate the heck out of it. Or, I can do the concepting of the big idea and present them; the storyboarding of the selected direction so you know what to expect; the artwork (AKA the doodles); and all the final animation, mixing, and delivery. And if you need any other services added—like copywriting, video editing, or even voice over work—keep browsing the site to see those too.

Want me to animate something for you?

Awesome! Let's go.

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