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Why use a copywriter?

Good writers are a dime a dozen. Their grammar's good—they may even know how to use an em dash properly. But when you need great writing that doesn't sound like it's trying to get an A+ on an English paper (you know, the stuffy stuff) that's when you press my shmancy little contact button at the bottom of this page.

Copywriting, but creative

Need a TV or radio ad script? A website that makes you want to read, not scan, and hits those SEO checkboxes? A print ad that has you chortling on the bus ride home? I have a decade's worth of experience copywriting for great brands whose ads you know and love. Or if love's a strong word, brands you like-like a lot. Speaking of like-liking stuff, I think you'll like-like smashing that contact button.

How I get 'er done.

I keep my process simple and flexible with you and your project's needs. If you have a brief for me, I start things off with a call—always. Then I'm usually off to race my phalanges (fingers ("Friend's" reference)) across the keyboard to write and deliver first, second, and even third round revisions if necessary. If you don't have a brief, I'll developed one for you to find out who your target audience is, establish the right voice (or get a grasp of your existing one), then the copywriting begins—with all sorts fun wordplay and snappy CTA's. Like this one: hit that contact button!

Want me to do some copywriting for you?

Wicked! Let's get started.

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